Rails Hello, my name is Jim Jones.
I'm a Ruby on Rails Consultant
for San Francisco Based Startups


I've been working with Ruby on Rails for over 13 years (since it's beginning!). I've done everything from large scale refactorings to new product development. I enjoy front-end development as well, having worked with React/Redux in the past year.

My next availability will be at the beginning of next month, January 1st.

I have over 20 years of experience in software development. I'm a two time speaker at RailsConf, the largest conference in the world for Ruby on Rails developers ( Portland in 2013 and Atlanta in 2015 ).

I've worked remotely for the past three years. If your team is on Slack and uses Github for pull requests, we will get things done.

I'm willing to go through your full technical screening process to make sure that we're a good fit for each other. I can pair program with one of your engineers on a specific feature, to ensure my coding ability is up to your standards.

If I pass all of your technical screenings, we will start with a short term contract to ensure that

  1. I am up to your technical and communication standards and
  2. Your company is up to my technical standards

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Github logo2Code Contributions


I have contributions to several popular projects including Rails core, Jbuilder and Mechanize


  • Turkee - Eases the integration between Amazon's Mechanical Turk service and Rails based applications. Featured in Ruby5. 114 Github stars and 3,000+ downloads.
  • VersionCake - An unobtrusive way to version APIs. Supports graceful degradation to ensure backwards compatibility. Also featured in Ruby5 and Ruby Weekly. Over 275+ Github stars. Co-authored with friend Ben Willis.

Notable Commits


  • Resque
  • Redis
  • Memcache
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Heroku
  • AWS/S3/EC2
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass
  • Javascript/JQuery

Speaking Engagements


Interested? Let's talk.

Jim Jones
(415) 481-2629

When you contact me, I will respond within 24 hours with a copy of my resume, references, and times that I am available within the next five days to meet.